Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing – Which is better?

Traditional Marketing is the old way of marketing to promote or sell products.

Now digital marketing is a trendy and effective way to promote, sell products or services by using the online platform.

There are many factors we need to consider while discussing Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing. Advantages, Disadvantages, and many more.

We will discuss all Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing in detail in this article.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is the marketing method without using online internet method. In traditional marketing, SMS to the customer on mobile number, News Paper or magazines advertisement on television, Radio, Prints, Banners of promotion of the product, distributing pamphlets homes door to doorstep. These all are traditional Marketing methods.

In Traditional Marketing coupon or voucher system also included.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is part of Marketing booming and expecting to grow in India. First, understand “What is marketing?”

The number of internet users in India from 2015 increases tremendously from up to 700 million and expected to grow to over 974 million users by 2025.

India was ranked as the second-largest online market worldwide, therefore no doubt about the future of Digital Marketing in India will be a great and faster-growing industry in India.

Digital marketing is an online method to sell products or promote products or services. Digital marketing is not only in India but worldwide is preferable and popular than traditional marketing as having lots of advantages over traditional marketing.

Some of the common digital marketing modules are:

Search Engine Marketing (PPC): Search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid advertising marketing using internet marketing doing the promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results (SERPs). SEM also involves search engine optimization (SEO), a technique to write content as per SEO to adjust or rewrite website content. Another technical thing used to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance pay-per-click listings.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website organic traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO is one good way to increase organic traffic rather than paid for advertising. It is a natural way to grow website traffic.  

Email Marketing: E-mail marketing is to send commercial messages to a group of people by using mail. It involves brand awareness, advertisements, promotions.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, websites, LinkedIn, blogs all are preferable and well-known social media platforms to promote a product or service. And the most appreciable thing about social media is you can trace all data efficiently and instantly and reach to masses very easily. After that, the follow-up to customers from time to time is most effective to get leads.

Digital Display Marketing: This is graphic advertising on social media through banners, images, videos, websites, apps by using the internet. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular digital display marketing platforms.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing is a method to attract audiences by using Content known as Content Writing. Content writing is basically an inbound marketing tactic where you attract visitors, readers, and potential customers by creating good quality content. It’s one of the popular methods of digital marketing. Content writing helps companies create brands, make an online presence in the market, and build trust in the brand for the long term for users to accept and stick with the brand for the long term.

Difference between Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Which is better digital marketing or traditional marketing?

Both are better respectively as per the need of people as marketing is related to not only rich or medium class it also relates to poor people. Low income, Village people do not attract by digital marketing as to the digital marketing services not reach easily like many villages have internet issue. Many poor people do not afford internet services. Therefore, such a condition internet or digital marketing is not useful.

The traditional way is easy for 50+ age people because for many years they are familiar with traditional marketing, still, senior citizens daily reading a newspaper, magazines and it is easy to process and retain and easily handy for everyone.

In small-town small businesses, shop keeper following traditional methods as targets to the specific local audience. And TV, radio is better traditional methods to reach masses but it’s not cost-effective and no assurance customer will attract or not.

Digital marketing is new technology and trends like social media, websites like eCommerce, email marketing, etc. These strategies include some marketing principles with modern technology and different tactics to attract audiences and make them converted into leads or customers.

The advantage of digital marketing is it is very accurate and robust in one click many analytical tools give all the information about audiences. Tracking the audience is easy. We can collaborate data of audiences and it’s easy to take follow-up and can convert cold leads into a customer. If someone follows on social media or click on the mail we will get data about customers therefore engagement to customers is really good.

It works well globally and as per our need we can target our audiences is best broad scope of digital marketing.

One more good thing is testimony and review data to be available on digital platform and it is very useful to give assurance of product or services. It is really helpful and most important to build a brand.

Further we will discuss about Brand.

The disadvantage of digital marketing is internet users blocked ads, many people often skipped ads. Local vendors small businesses not much involved in digital marketing in local areas as not more aware of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is very technical and required cost to reach mass level and accordingly provide good and efficient services to customer.

What is Brand?

What is Brand?
Source : Google

“Your personal brand may be a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability”


Building an excellent brand from scratch is that the dream of each begin entrepreneur. If you’re beginning, I’m pretty sure you would like to create a brand that’s friendly, well-known, and stands for something beyond profits.

Digital brands like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber etc. have not required money on advertising to build their brand. They only focused on user acceptability and creating good quality brand experience. None of those brands become what they’re today through TV, Newspaper and Radio ads.


Digital Marketing is better, very robust and effective way of marketing compared to traditional marketing as its outdated however we can not completely ignore to traditional marketing as where digital marketing cannot reach there traditional marketing only can be useful.

We hope you will like this article about Traditional marketing vs Digital Marketing. Meanwhile, look below FAQs and we will sure that it will help you to gain knowledge about Marketing and we have cleared all your doubts and Questions.

What is the Secret Ingredient of Law of Marketing?

First need to understand what is marketing?
Marketing in the simple definition of Marketing is to promote, provide or sell your product to others in different forms by using different sources like traditional Marketing
Marketing may be a set of activities associated with creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for others.
Marketing is based on science, not on creativity.
Marketing starts before creating the product it starts with understanding the customer and customers need that leads to creating a product that fits.
Marketing is categorized mainly into Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.
Traditional marketing was old method and now digital marketing take place of over Traditional marketing.

What are the logical steps of the customer cycle?

Marketing creates the value of customers before you want to spot what customers want and the perspective of customers. After that, it also important identify whom to focus on and the way to succeed in them. In this process to Attract and engage customers.

Onboarding and Retention step, you need to focus on to satisfy customer for that you need a great product available to right people at right time. So, you will gain customer commitment and customer retention.

In expansion, customer advocacy is vital to retain customers and to stay them forever, and to seek out new customers.

What are the 5p’s of Selling?

The 5 Ps of selling helps in reaching your audience effectively and efficiently.
The 5 Ps of selling helps in reaching your audience effectively and efficiently.
Product: A product is that the item or product offered purchasable. The product includes Appearance, Quality, functionality, Warranty, Packaging.

Price: The sum or amount of cash or its equivalent that anything is bought, sold, or offered purchasable. It includes discounts, payment arrangements, price matching services.

Promotion: Promotion refers to any sort of marketing communication that wants to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, brand, or issue. It helps marketers to make a particular place in customers’ minds. It involves Advertising, Public relations activities, Message, media.

Place: The merchandise is correctly distributed and available at a convenient location at the proper time to the proper customer.

People: One of the essential elements of marketing is people. This includes everyone who is involved within the product or service whether directly or indirectly. Not all of those people get in tune with the purchaser.

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