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Jackson Monichan

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It’s always a pleasure to meet industry experts of the same background and know about their business journey. There are so many things we can learn from this young and dynamic Digital marketer Jackson Monichan and his experiences.

Mr Jackson is Professional Digital Marketer  who have formed a very friendly and innovative website design development & digital marketing company called the Vnet Digital located in Thane Mumbai.

Further, Let us hear from him,

Hello and Welcome Jackson! 

Ques 1: Hi Jackson, Tell us about yourself and your journey in Digital Marketing. 

Ans :

Long Story: It dates back to 2011-12, while I was doing my Hotel Management Graduation. Yes, that’s when I built my first website informally using some free software available in the market without any knowledge of the domain and all those terms related to web development and digital marketing. The website I made was for a restaurant, which I had planned to open in the future. Due to some unfavourable reasons, I could not start my own business after graduation. 

Later, I joined a Fast Food Restaurant as a Shift Manager, worked there for nearly three years, and resigned as Assistant Restaurant Manager. In 2015, I did my MBA (Marketing). Together with my MBA, I did some Web Development Training & Digital Marketing Course thinking it might help me in my own business in the future, and digital marketing was almost booming.

In mid-2017, while working in a timeshare company, I met a person who wanted to start something independently and was interested in doing things in the digital world.

That’s how I & Sundip Pal (Business partner) came together, planned and started a business. We created a company where we dealt with second-hand timeshare deals and got our website platform ready, i.e. On this platform, buyers and sellers interested in timeshare deals can come and buy or sell their timeshare memberships.

(For those who don’t know about timeshare, it is a holiday membership package. I am sure you have heard about Sterling Holiday Membership packages and Club Mahindra Holiday packages of 25 years. These 25-year holiday memberships are what timeshare is all about.)

Now comes the fun part; since we both knew how to get the website developed on a basic to intermediate level, we itself built the platform. Then one of our friends saw this website and asked us to make a website for him. We then agreed and made it thinking it as a side income. Similarly, a couple of friends contacted us to get their website developed by us. Then we thought, hey, we should start another company with a developer who will handle such clients, and we take it forward together with And that is how our digital agency was born, and we named it “Vnet Digital” with the website -““.

During all these times, I was doing online courses by Digital Deepak and a couple of other mentors and gaining more knowledge on Facebook ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, etc., for the growth of the business.

And as days and years passed, Vnet Digital grew as a brand and has made a mark as a Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency. We undertake Web Design Development projects, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) projects, etc. Currently, we have completed around 300+ projects with clients from India, the US, Singapore, Dubai, etc.

Apart from the above, with the growing interest in the web designing field, I have started a workshop that will help all WordPress users design their pages creatively and with no coding knowledge. It’s the 06 Day Elementor Workshop. You can check the details on the landing page – Click Here.

Ques 2. What excites you most about your industry?

Ans: It’s a very creative field, and developing websites is fun. Also, the era of the internet and the digital world has a long way to go. And web design development and digital marketing have many potentials. The term Digital Marketing itself is so broad. The day by day updates and features is what makes it much more fun. Every day we can learn something new and implement it in our business or for clients. 

The most exciting thing is the core marketing will never die. To market new innovative products, everyone needs the medium, i.e. the internet, websites, digital marketing.

Also, as an agency, I can choose with whom I want to work, just like how the client can choose an agency to work. Has complete freedom to work on our terms and conditions.

Ques 3. How do you find your Niche, and What are you doing to gain knowledge about your Niche?

Ans: Niche is a combo of what you love to do + what you are good at + what the market needs, and which clients will pay you. 

As an agency, the Niche for Vnet Digital is building websites on WordPress and using the Elementor page builder plugin. We have been very successful in it. People who want experts in WordPress and Elementor will come to us. And that’s the reason we can guarantee we can give a 5-star rating service. We even say no to some projects, and we are ok with it. 

Even the workshop I conduct is on the WordPress & Elementor page builder plugin, i.e. on that same Niche. I love building websites; I am good at it; there are requirements in the market, and people are ready to pay for it. You see, it makes sense, right?

Now to gain knowledge about your Niche, just Google about anything you want to learn. Follow key professionals and signup for their newsletters, who will send up all the updates related to your Niche. Keep checking Youtube videos, and you will be amazed to find some excellent high-quality content out there for free.

And if any of your followers would love to subscribe to get my newsletter, they can click here.

Next, the best thing is Google Alerts, which you can set up for free to get an alert or notification on your email if anything related to your keyword, topic or Niche is posted newly on the internet. That way, you will know if something comes up related to your case.

Ques 4. Who inspires you?

Ans: Ohh, unfortunately, there is no one-word name to it. For different things, I follow and get inspired by people who are the best at it.

The first one is the list will be my Dad, a person who couldn’t even complete his matriculation and started working for the family’s happiness, and later for his wife and kids. He did multiple jobs so that his kids won’t have a life similar to his and can get a good education. It’s from him I learned and got inspired to do any work and help any person in needy, and no job is a low collar job; each job has its value & respect.

Second, in terms of professional would be Deepak Kanakaraju, aka Digital Deepak, teaching all the valuable lessons in Digital Marketing and guiding in many ways as a mentor.

Ques 5: What is one piece of advice you still remember that has practically changed your life? 

Ans: Don’t lose hope, and always remember, “Persistence conquers Resistance.” It’s the advice line that I always remember and want to keep in bold letters in my mind. 

One has to do and follow on things that he believes persistently, and it will work out. Yes, Sometimes, it’s challenging to take it forward. Keep Tapping your target even if you fall, close all the gaps between, and then there’s nothing that can hold you from accomplishing your victory. Continue Hitting and targeting; you will achieve it one day. And you will get a significant breakout in your life. 

Ques 6: What are your three favourite digital tools?

Now, after the pandemic has hit, the first tool is Zoom, hahaha, probably it’s not an exact digital marketing tool, but this one has saved lives if you think from a business perspective. Now we can do more meetings quickly as and when possible for both client and us thereby helping to close more deals faster than before.

The next one is ConvertKit for me – My Email Marketing Tool helps me send out emailers or newsletters to my subscribers and keep in touch with them.

And the next would be Pabbly Connect or Zapier, which is a marketing automation software. It helps in many ways to automate the daily manual tasks we had to do manually, thereby saving a lot of time which we can use for productive things.

I use many other WordPress tools daily, and I have jotted down what is useful and recommended for web developers and digital marketers. You can find the complete list of WordPress Tools here.

Ques 7: How do you generate new ideas?

Ans: For my coaching business, First, it would be by asking my subscribers, followers about what they would like to learn and conduct a survey. Recently I floated a survey and understood that many want to learn how to create an e-commerce website by themself. And by the end of the discussions, we concluded and created a WooCommerce workshop that will be very similar to my current Elementor workshop model. Some other things I also understood from my elementor workshop students are they want an advanced elementor workshop. Once you start implementing and giving high-quality fantastic value to people on what you believe, the people themselves will guide you on what should be next course or workshop needed.

For my agency, we have team meetings to discuss and brainstorm new ideas and trends in the market. Always keep a tab of what your competitors are doing and outperform them with high-quality service.

Ques 8: What is your biggest dream in life?

Ans: There are a couple of dreams I have that I want to achieve:

To Buy a Land & Build A Home at my Native and Gift to My Dad to do what he loves, i.e. farming.

Take the agency to the next level, i.e., making it a limited company and getting listed in the stock market.

To travel and explore around the world with my wife and work with freedom wherever I want.

Simple and small dreams are what I have. You can see, right?.

Ques 9: Which are your favourite books?

Though I am not an avid reader, I have read some notable books that everyone should read for a better, disciplined and efficient professional life.

Those are “Deep Work” – by Cal Newport, “The 5 A.M Revolution” – by Dan Luca, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – by Robert Kiyosaki, to mention a few.

Those who are in Sales can read out this book called – “Secrets of Closing The Sale” – By Zig Ziglar. This book, with its sales closing technique, has helped me a lot in my sales career.

Ques 10: How will you give back to your society and country?

Oh wow, good question, Sarika.

If you check above, one of my dreams is to take my agency and list in the stock market. Doing this will help me get more money to expand my business, give more job opportunities, and helping minutely in the overall country’s growth. 

Also, I am a strong believer in doing charity works. Our parents’ inculcated these habits in us, i.e., giving a part of your income to the burdened and the needy. So on every family member’s birthday or any other special occasion, we donate to the nearby old age nursing home or orphanage.

Ques 11: What is your message and advice to all younger people?

Haha, I am not that old to give any bits of advice as such.

But I would say if you are keen and want to learn sincerely on any topic or if you wish to update your skillset, then 90% of all the knowledge you need is freely available on the internet. Yes, majorly, all the things are there on the internet available for you. One should have intent and eagerness to learn.

I have initially studied so many things from Youtube, Google and other various blogs. I am still discovering so many things from Youtube videos. Just go and search on google and youtube for what you want to learn, and you will get it.


Oh wow, that was a long interview. 

Thank you for asking me for an interview. I hope this helps, and this interview has helped you and the readers keep learning and keep hitting the target. Don’t Forget – ” Persistence conquers resistance.”

Thank you, we truly appreciate your valuable time spent with us. 

Wishing you the best in all your future endeavours.

We hope you like Jackson Monichan interview; and I am sure that it will help you to learn more about digital marketing; You will be really inspired by his journey and you will feel excited about Digital Marketing.

Stay tune with digitalvedant for upcoming blogs, or latest information about Digital Marketing.

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