How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India? Complete beginner’s guide

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In India?

Affiliate marketing in India is viral and booming in 2020.

In 20-21, have you often heard about making money online by referring people to purchase on Flipkart, Amazon, and other e-commerce websites or any other online businesses?

Surprisingly, you believe how people are making second or passive incomes in such a competitive world?

In this insecurity in a job or no more jobs available in the market, you need to have a second earning source. Therefore, many people prefer affiliate marketing.

This straightforward online money-making profession is called Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing existed in the offline market also, but no track of referrals. It just a mouth-to-mouth word. For Example, Tourism, Matrimonial agents, LIC agents, Real estate brokerage, etc.

Online affiliate marketing is comparatively easy and robust to track referrals.

It is efficient, more transparent, and faster than offline. In the online world, manufacture can directly sell products online by using an affiliate marketing system.

Therefore, many big companies provide affiliate marketing in India.

Before you start affiliate marketing, you need to understand how things need to be done in affiliate marketing in India.

First, let us understand what affiliate marketing is?

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing method to earn money by recommending other company products or services to a target audience.

For that, you need to identify a product or service you would like to promote

The company receives an affiliate link to track how many clicks, conversions, and sales were received through your link.

To encourage people to buy the product or service by clicking on the affiliate link.

When someone buys the product using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission from that company or service provider.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India? Complete beginner’s guide

Step 1 – Niche selection:

First, identify which company providing an affiliate marketing program

Identify the product category or service you are an expert on or willing to promote efficiency.

Visit Amazon, Flipkart, the Service company website, or any other affiliate marketing program.

It is recommended that you choose one specific topic that you can explain, understand or write.

This is because writing for a specific audience will be easier, and your efforts will be more targeted as customers need what they are looking for, so select your niche.

If you have no idea what niche to choose, start with a generic review website like Writing reviews of products is the best way to start affiliate marketing.

Once you’ve got selected a niche, read all legal norms, commission rates page to ascertain what you’ll earn when a product is sold.

Step 2: Create your own website

After your niche selection, create your own website by purchasing a domain name and hosting.

The domain name and hosting do not require much cost. It’s economical.

Your own website is secure and safe to promote affiliate links, so go for it; build your word press website for affiliate marketing.

WordPress is a user-friendly, very robust, easy to manage website so go for WordPress.

Step 3: Sign-up for an Affiliate Marketing Program

Decide for which company you want to do affiliate marketing.

The most important step in starting affiliate marketing in India is selecting and signing up for the right affiliate marketing program.

Do fast research on the foremost popular affiliate marketing programs and choose the one with higher commissions for your choice’s merchandise category.

Read about all the information regarding the payment terms, other policies, and reviews to make a better decision.

Most websites will invite your website address, banking details, and other personal information. Even if your website is totally blank at the instant, share an idea of action with the affiliate network on how you’ll promote the products in the future, and they will approve your registration request.

Step 4: Choose the product you are going to promote

In Step 1, you selected a product category such as Electronics, Beauty & Apparel, Home Furnishing, Health care, Nutrition, etc. Now you need to choose a product. If you have already got an inventory of selected products, look for the merchandise name within the provided search box.

If you don’t have already got products selected, you would like to start out choosing products.

In the case of Amazon, you’ll visit the Amazon Bestsellers page to spot the top-selling products therein category.

When you promote a product that already has high sales volume, it’s tons easier to urge people to get it than a product that has just entered the market or does not have high demand.

Step 5: Create content

To create a blog on a product like how to use, product review, benefits, etc.

You can create ‘How to’ articles, tutorials, reviews, comparisons, discounts, or offer articles, etc., depending on your writing preference. This content is useful to driven traffic and generates more sales.

Embed customer testimony in video form and help readers with buying decisions—drop affiliate link in the article.

You can also start a YouTube channel and embed it back into your blog post. This will also help to rank your blog.

Creating the right content is most important in affiliate marketing, so before creating content, do keyword research, product research, and write relevant and authorized content for your blog.

Make competitor’s product comparison by doing market research and based on reviews how your affiliate product is better than others.

How much I can earn from affiliate marketing in India?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India? Complete beginner’s guide
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As many people shop online, especially the number increase since 2019 is rapid; therefore, the future of affiliate marketing in India is bright.

In a recent report, affiliate marketing in India may cross $835 billion by the year 2025.

Earning in affiliate marketing may vary as per which affiliate program you have chosen, like Amazon, Flipkart, and another affiliate program, from approximately 23k to 50k monthly.

It is the approximate figure you can earn more than that per your efforts to your niche, clicks, and actual sale of the product.

Where I can find an affiliate marketing program in India?

You can effectively earn by affiliate marketing for that; as we discussed above, you need to have your website by writing a blog about products and services you can promote an affiliate link.

Below is the highest paying affiliate program in different areas:

1. Best Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Hostinger Affiliate Program                                

HostGator Affiliate Program

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

SiteGround Affiliate Program

BigRock Affiliate Program

A2Hosting Affiliate Program

2. Best Online Shopping/ E-commerce Affiliate Programs in India

Amazon India Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program

SnapDeal Affiliate Program

eBay Affiliate Program

3. Job Affiliate Programs in India

Fiverr Affiliate Program

CareerBuilder Affiliate Program

Freelancer Affiliate Program

Monster India Affiliate Program

4. Best Fashion and Lifestyle Affiliate Programs in India Affiliate Program Affiliate Program 

Club Factory Affiliate Program

FirstCry Affiliate Program 

Biba Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

5. Best Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs in India

India Herbs Affiliate Program

Fit Bit Affiliate Program

eVitamins Health and Beauty Affiliate Program

1Mg Affiliate Program

Practo Affiliate Program

6.Best Makeup and Cosmetics Affiliate Programs in India

The Body Shop Affiliate Program

Beauty Source Affiliate Program

SheaButter Affiliate Program

7. Best Travel Affiliate Programs in India Affiliate Program

MakeMy Trip Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

Goibibo Affiliate Program

RedBus Affiliate Program

8. Best Matrimonial Affiliate Programs in India

BharatMatrimony Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

Jeevan Saathi Affiliate Program

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money?

Absolutely you can start affiliate marketing with no money. As we discussed above, select your niche and start your website.

From a per long-term perspective, it is really beneficial to invest minimum money to buy your domain and hosting for better performance. However, initially, you have not affordable that also then go for a free website blog and start writing about your affiliate product and drop affiliate link for the targeted audiences.

Another way is by using social media you can promote affiliate links to audiences by creating an Instagram page, Promoting affiliate links on Facebook pages, or Facebook group.

Starting a YouTube channel; make a video about all necessary information about your product, reviews, and promote affiliate links in the description.

Create a Pinterest Page – is one of the most popular best search engines to get traffic for affiliate programs which you have an offer, the huge number of people using Pinterest.

WhatsApp also one of the well-known platforms to promote affiliate links by forming communities.


Affiliate Marketing is really very easy, simple, and no investment need to earn money.

It is a great way to make passive money as per your convenience work from home.

No target, no pressure of work, and be your own boss to earn money most simply.

An online international affiliate program is also available to start promoting US products to US customers from India- earn money in Doller.

We hope you will like the above article in Affiliate Marketing in India. Meanwhile, you can also read our other blog, What is Content Writing? and How to Do Content Writing?

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