What is Content Writing? and How to Do Content Writing?

What is Content Writing? and How to Do Content Writing?

What is Content Writing? and How to Do Content Writing?

Do You Know the Importance of Content Writing?

Content Writing is an essential part of Digital Marketing.

Right Quality Content to Right Customer is the process of attracting customers and offer your services to customers.

Content plays an important role in reaching your customer and help them as per their need what exactly they want.

Content marketing is really creative process to frame words to beautify content.

Wonderful quote every writer should know this “Either writes something worth reading or do something worth writing– Benjamin Franklin

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is basically an inbound marketing tactic where you attract visitors, readers, and potential customers by creating good quality content. It’s one of the popular methods of digital marketing. Content writing helps companies create brands, and make an online presence in the market, and to build trust in the brand for the long term for users to accept and stick with the brand for the long term.

How to do Content Writing?

Content Writing is not an easy job, but it’s a very creative process, and make beautify your content is a very tricky task.

For Content Writing, you need to do more research, reading other writer’s content, study and improves your knowledge in your niche, or, as per your interest, Passion for learning and Writing Content with Creative form.

The Content should be relevant, accurate, and more informative to satisfied readers or customers.      

Initial days content writing task seems very difficult, but writing is also daily practice and required consistency to improve your writing skills.

Content Writing is also a required skill to frame content attractive as a perspective point of customer or reader.

I know the question in your mind is What are the basic steps of Content Writing. Let’s See.

Content Writing for beginners:

Analyzed yourself in which subject you are knowledgeable or Interested to read, learn and write.

Select your niche as per your passion and start writing on it at least daily 250 words. So, it will develop habits in your writing and also increase your knowledge about your niche.

Research on the internet of top blogs of your niche. Study how they write, do keyword research to know what people are searching for and what they need.

The more you research, the more you will write better content.

Other than internet source reading, many books of your niche increase your knowledge and get authentic information.

Social Media Groups, Quora is also a good platform to know what exactly people want and generate ideas for content creation.

 After Selecting your niche, start writing on Social Media, Medium.com, Quora, or you can start your own WordPress blog for writing on your niche.

Read and study competitor’s blogs of your niche learn from them is also an important process to improve writing skills.

The most important is consistency. Consistency is vital to success, so consistently writing habits always improve your skill day by day.

After that, you can start writing for journals, newspapers, other company websites. 

What are the basics of content writing?

What is Content Writing? and How to Do Content Writing?

1. Select Topic – Selection of topic is the primary step of writing and research for the same.

2. Primary Keyword Research: Select your primary word and do a google search. Also, you can use different tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest for keyword research

3. Start writing on your topic as per research and the information you want to be shared.

4. Catchy Attractive heading is the first step to write content. So many people read headlines first, and after that, they can start reading further. Therefore, the headline should be catchy to attract readers and keep them stick to reading.

5. Develop your own unique style easy to understand and directly connect to the reader’s mind.

6.  To the point and precise writing is necessary and easy to understand quickly.

7. the First paragraph is about introducing a part of the topic, and what’s article about is basically helpful to the reader. Start with questions, overview, and outline of the article, for whom this article should be included.

8. Body of Article: The body of the article is up to a point and write in detail, and informative for users to Adhere to read the complete article.

9. Add images related to your topic as images easily connect to the subject and express your thought.

10. Conclusion: Finally, what you have concluded and summarized your article and give the next step to the reader is to encourage staying connected with reading and leaving a comment.

How to improve content writing skills?

To improve writing skills some steps, need to follow:

Many tools are useful in content writing, so used the below tools to beautify your article.

What is Content Writing? and How to Do Content Writing?

Evernote – Evernote is a popular app for note-taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. The app allows creating notes. And also can be stored in notebooks, can be annotated, and edited.

Mindnote/MindMeister: MindMiester is an online mind mapping app. To outline your thoughts and collaborate step by step on all your points.  

Potent content idea generator, Coschedule, Hubspot – These are headline generators to generate good attractive, catchy headlines.

Ahrefs, Ubersuggest tools you can use for keyword research

Google images (noncommercial reuse), Unsplash, Pixabay, freepik, Shutterstock(paid stock images) are used to get images.

Grammarly: Grammarly is an essential and beautiful tool for writers. It helps you eliminate errors and also find perfect words to express yourself. It also helps to minimize punctuation errors. It also shows your content’s emotions and rephrases your sentence properly its really great to build quality content.

Frame your article: Frame your article in steps are the headline, intro, the what, the why, the how, and the conclusion.

Article length: The ideal article length is more than 1000 words, so always try to write a minimum of 1000 words and avoid junk content. Always try to focus on the quality of content specific to the subject.

Types of Content Writing:

In this digital era content play a significant role in digital marketing to sale product or services.

The type of content is as follows:

1. Web content

2. Copywriting

3. Social Media

4. Blogging

5. Creative writing

6. Journalistic or News writing

7. Industry Writing

What are content writing jobs?

Many content writing jobs are available in the digital world as every industry wants its online presence. Nowadays, online presence is demanding everywhere, including social media.

You can start with a freelancing content writer in Fiverr and Upwork. Many Content writer freelance work available on it.

Small Digital Agencies also required content writing, and you can start your carrier with digital agencies.

Many established big companies also required content writers for their websites to writing blogs and social media content.

Some Companies offer fixed income around 35000-40000K per month.

If you start as a freelancer initially, you can start 1Rs per word; you can charge 1000 Rs for the thousand-word article. As the skills improve, you can charge from 1- 5 Rs.

Many Companies need SEO content writers to get organic traffic, so Try to learn SEO writing.

SEO content writers have more demand and paying well.


Content Writing not required any specific qualification

However, a Content Writer requires great skills to creative, innovative, and framing content as per the user’s perception.

Thinking, Imagination key points to write good content.

The habit of reading books, blogs, articles, LinkedIn post, Social media content really help you to improve your content writing skill.

The most important in content writing is to add your experiences to express to users about the topic or niche you choose.

If Reader fills its write for them only to connect to your writing as a reader and fulfill the need of users to be a good content writer.

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